Identifying Consensus Scientific Opinion in Research with Google Geomapping Tools

About this map:
This tool uses data from the NIH's PubMed research indexing service.  Every study concerning Blastocystis 'hominis' (over 700 as of July 2009) has been reviewed for researcher conclusion.  This tool plots whether the study found Blastocystis 'hominis' to be disease causing or />

How to use the tool:
Move the mouse to a marker to see the study title.   You can zoom in on an area, and pan as well. When multiple studies were performed at the same lab, the markers are distanced by about 80 miles so they don't all show up on top of each other.  You can also download a PDF with the abstracts of the 17 studies finding Blastocystis 'hominis' to be non-pathogenic, and the 144 studies finding it to be pathogenic. 

For more information:

   * Link to peer reviewed study in BMC Parasites and Vectors that describes methodology used to assess research opinion.  Details are in supplementary file #3.  The study was co-authored by 11 scientists in 8 countries, including BRF.  The authors were working at the US Center for Disease Control, China's Center for Disease Control, a World Health Organization Collaborating Lab, the US Department of Defense, the Scottish Parasitology Laboratory, and other groups.