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Privacy Notice – Data Collection and GDPR Notice

The following information is provided to comply with GDPR regulations, in case that is necessary.

We do not sell or provide information to any third parties.

If you use the Message Form to send us a message, then the message is sent to us.  If you give your email to us in the Newsletter Signup form, then we get your email address, and we use it to send you a newsletter.

The site is run on shared hosting Word Press running on an Apache Server with the default settings.   This tool collects log files.  This isn’t something we decided to do, but is just part of the system that we were given, and we are not exactly sure how to turn it off.  It’s apparently something that almost every web site does.  The Apache Server collects log data, like IP addresses, time of access, and files accessed.  Usually, the files just sit there, but sometimes we look at them to write reports to justify the web site by showing people are actually looking at things on it, and also to see what things people like to view.  Also we look at which countries are accessing the site.  More information on these log files can be found online here:

  webserver – Privacy policy & Web Server Log data on Shared hosting? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

  internet – Do default Apache logs violate the GDPR? – Law Stack Exchange

WordPress is a free, open source tool for hosting blog sites like this.  We use the default downloaded version with its default settings.  We are not aware of any personal information collected by this tool.