Patient Accounts

All accounts are used with the permission of those submitting the information.

Here are links to studies showing what this does to animals – contact me for photos of animals from one study if you are interested.

The most recent research suggests symptoms vary with host genetics and age, with people over 35 experiencing worse symptoms.  The same organism can be cleared by one person, but cause severe illness in the next person.  This is true of most infectious diseases.

Audio Testimony

Sick in Northern California
(Received Octobe 28, 2011)
Listen to the audio

Carine in California
(Received October 28, 2009)
My name is Carine.  I am calling from California.  You can make this audio available publicly.   I have been sick for seven years with bouts of nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, loose floating stools, flatulence, abdominal pain, anal itching, headaches, and foggy head……. View the rest of Carine’s account, or listen to the audio

Chris in CORVALLIS, Oregon
(Received October 28, 2009)
My name is Chris.  I am calling from Oregon.  You can make this audio available publicly.  My family relocated from Idaho to Oregon in 2003.  In Idaho, I have never heard of IBS or a food allergy.  When we got to Oregon, it seemed like all the families had chronic GI illness.  My kids friends kept throwing up in the car.  I didn’t think anything of it until 2003, when three of us developed chronic GI illness after eating at a Thai restaurant in Wilsonville….View the rest of Chris’s account, or listen to the audio

Liona from Connecticut
(Received October 30, 2009)
Hi, my name is Liona, and I’m calling from Connecticut.  I wanted to add support to Representative Schrader to get some more attention paid to Blastocystis ‘hominis’ hominis.  It has effected me and some of my family and friends.  Hopefully the NIH and CDC will get something going.  So you have my support.  Thank you.Listen to Liona’s Audio Testimony  (WAV File – 500K)

S from Europe
Received January 16, 2010
I used to be a very physically active 49 year old (regularly biking up and down alpine passes where we live), but this has been physically debilitating.,,read more

Michelle from California
(Received November 6, 2009)
My husband became ill with Blastocystis ‘hominis’ in July of 2007.  It is now November 2009.  And he has spent the last 2 years in and out of hospitals, wracking up numerous numerous medical bills, View all of Michelle’s account or listen to the audio.

Lisa from Vancouver
(Received November 6, 2009)
This parasite has caused chronic fatigue syndrome and has drastically effected my life.  My symptoms are chronic fatigue, tired legs, cold legs, dizziness, hypoglycemia, reduced immunity to infection, palpitations, exhaustion, panic attacks, sinus infections, IBS symptoms, weight loss, and food sensitivities. View all of Lisa’s account or listen to the audio.

Written Testimony

Contracted in Sudan in 2006, anti-malarial medication helped (February 2010)
My story is sadly very familiar to so many others on this site. This disease has had a considerable impact on my life, although I feel fortunate to have managed to pursue my career, and start a family. I’m contacting you because none of the treatments I’ve been tried have helped (I’ve tried all the main treatment combinations, both conventional nd natural) except for my most recent round of medication. … Read more

Help for my son (August 1, 2010)
My 7 year old son is suffering from a Blastocystis ‘hominis’ infection and I am so stressed out I am at the end of my rope. He has been treated with Metronidazole and Nitazoxanide, but without results. The poor child has had recurrent bouts of diarrhea and stomach pain over the last year, sometimes so severe it wakes him at night. His appetite has never been as good as it was before infection. Can you offer us any suggestions?

Severe fatigue
The fatigue is sometimes overwhelming and the dry eye irritation keeps me off the computer……Read more

Sick for years
I have been infected with Blastocystis ‘hominis’ and I was treated in 2008. I have just been tested again because of reoccuring symptoms, it turned out positive. I am now having other symptoms and problems. I now think that these parasites have spread to other parts of my organs and I am really concerned. Not sure where to go from here. I am in search of an answer to help me heal.

Found successful treatment (from Australia)
(Received December28, 2009  11:25 PM)
I had B Hominis infection really badly but now (finally!) am rid of it. I took the second-line drugs for resistant B. Hominis infection (being Secnidazole; Diloxinide Furoate; and Septrin DS) and this combo rid me of B Hominis infection after the 1st line triple drug therapy had not worked for me (Nitazoxinide; Secnidazole and Furazolidone )

Uncontrolled Weight Loss in Portland, Oregon
(Received January 8, 2010 1:57 PM)
We continue to lose weight, have low energy and suffer other symptoms of a compromised immune system  read more

J in California
Green Juice
“4 years ago I went to buy a green juice….my life has been hell: I can not sleep because of a heat feeling on my shoulder area and all over my body, colitis, leaky gut, blooded, feeling suicidal, restless, fog like feeling, etc. Before this I had a normal life worked out 4 to five times a week but now I’m miserable.
–J in California

Received 3/28/2009
3.5 months of chronic diarrhea, skin eruptions and nothing fazes it.  Tell me there’s *something* that can at least end the D!

B on East Coast
July 2007
I have spent my married reproductive years with this beast and since I can not eat did not think I could make a healthy baby.  But as 40 is here I am not willing to give up on the idea of a child altogether because this parasite stole the option for us to try and have a baby.

B in California
Widespread Pain
“Our main symptoms have been complete loss of appetite, feeling very unwell (stomach feels full and heavy) after eating anything, subsequent weight loss and low levels of energy, fatigued etc, some nausea. (no real pain, very little diarrhea, no vomiting)…. Chronic fatigue, confusion, breathing difficulty, joint pain, mushy stools, abdominal pain (especially after eating a high carb meal), rash in the groin creases that won’t respond to conventional treatments and depression. Three or 4 years ago I was also having spells of very low pulse (less than 40 bpm) and several near fainting spells that could not be explained by the doctors at the hospitals. Heart palpitations. Chest pain, Joint pain, particularly elbows and shoulders, Bilateral arm weakness and numbness – particularly the biceps. Changed from principally constipation to principally diarrhea. Upper abdominal pain as well, Extreme fatigue, inability to get up for longer periods that 10 minutes. Sweats Tremor/ shaking hands. I did not realized the new rash on my torso was associated.”
– B in California

H in Corvallis, Oregon
My family and I have lived in Corvallis for six years now  We have two children. My husband has had fatigue, abdominal cramping and food sensitivities for the last four years, which he attributed to his hiatal hernia. But this winter, our daughter began complaining of abdominal discomfort. CBC, Celiac panel, H. Pylori test, etc. all came back normal. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with “functional abdominal pain” (aka “I don’t really know what is causing her pain”). I insisted on more tests. They did a stool test and she came back positive for Blastocystis ‘hominis’ Hominis. I insisted that our whole family be tested and both my husband and I tested positive (I am asymptomatic). Our son’s test came back negative…but as I type, he is having diarrhea.

I feel that this is something more doctors need to be aware of! I so wish there was more information on BH/more statistics. We are on well water. We contacted Pacific Analytical Lab to see about testing our water for BH. Apparently it’s very difficult to actually detect parasites in water and the test is very, very expensive. They recommended testing for Coliform and E. coli as a way to see if bacteria was making its way into our well. The tests came back negative.

L in Arizona
Multiple Family Members
“My daughter and I have since developed the same symptoms (and I have tested positive as I have stated) for about 4 weeks. We developed symptoms the same day experiencing shortness of breath and wheezing and chest pain – approximately 10 weeks ago. At the same time or shortly thereafter began having diffuse abdominal discomfort – tender to touch. Began to feel jetlagged and was waking up even earlier than usual with extreme waves of nausea that sometimes led to vomiting. Stomach gurgled constantly. Nausea lasts all day, became anorexic, lost weight at an alarming rate – to present date have lost 14 pounds. Began to have headaches and sore muscles in the neck area. Upon waking explosive diarrhea x 3-4 and during the day soft stool a couple of times. Overwhelming fatigue – worse than I have ever experienced. I am not able to function at all, general malaise and fall asleep in the middle of a sentence”
– L in Arizona

J in Oregon
Multiple Visits to the Emergency Room
  “Twice in the past 3 months I have gone to urgent care or the ER for abdominal pain and was diagnosed with the sort of mortifying diagnosis of Constipation” The last GI MD ordered an MRI of abdomen and pelvis and all is well inside, thank heavens. And then, as I told you, my stool samples were positive for Blastocystis ‘hominis’”
-J in Oregon age 53


Received 7/12/2007
B in PA

I believe I have the mother of all strains of Blastocystis ‘hominis’ hominis.  I became acutely ill after a trip to mexico 10 years ago and while the acute turned to chronic …….. I have what I learned to be classic symptoms from case studies a group of dr’s did in the mid 80’s.  I have ear itching, joint pain especially in my knees, gas, bloating, alternating from diarrhea to constipation and back again, a huge hot spot inflamed ball on my right side exactly where my cecum/ilosical (sp) valve is located, some lower back spazing, teeth grinding, huge hunger, and the worst symptom is being completing and totally intolerant of any form of carbohydrate.  I can not tolerate any complex, double or single, no sweets or fruits, not even a sliver of a carrot.

All my regular gi test are normal by the way.  I have spent the last 7 or so years of my life eating chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some squash and maybe a tomato every now and then.  I kid you not – chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner just so I can leave the house with out horrible diarrhea.