What We Do

BRF works with scientists in more than 11 countries to help stop the what has become the world’s fastest growing pandemic protozoal disease.

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We focus our efforts in these areas:

Clinically Relevant Research

We are part of a global movement to address gastrointestinal illness using scientific methods.  We help researchers in different countries communicate with each other, and we conduct original research in the United States.

Diagnostics and Treatment

We work to make sure patients have access to reliable diagnostics and treatments for Blastocystis ‘hominis’ infection.  We publish studies on the reliability of existing diagnostics and treatments, and work to develop ones that are more reliable.

Health Policy Research

We do the research that helps understand the best places to spend medical research dollars.


We work to change policies and practices that keep people with chronic gastrointestinal illness sick and dependent on medical attention.