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Debilitating infection in 49-year old

The contributor below developed Blastocystis ‘hominis’ infection years ago, and has had ongoing chronic GI illness since then.

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Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 8:12 AM
Subject: RE: Resistant Blastocystis ‘hominis’ treatment — a question

I am suffering from an arthritis-like condition (in low back and groin). This is still the case, and it’s now 16 months I have been suffering….this is in addition to the abdominal problems and occasional “leaky gut” symptoms for the last 3 years.. …….The combination of “arthritis” and abdominal pain is a nightmare when both are flaring at the same time.  I used to be a very physically active 49 year old (regularly biking up and down alpine passes where we live), but this has been physically debilitating.

I have been following a low carb, no wheat, high-protein diet for some time (though prone to lapses when I see a bag of tortilla crisps lying around!)….with lots of fresh vegetables and very little fruit (due to sugar).

One question I have been mulling over is – if they problem is the behavior of the immune system, then is there anything except taking anti-inflammatory substance that one can do?  For example, should we be seeking to boost the immune system (e.g. using goldenseal for example) or to dampen it down?