Improved Method for DNA Extraction

Researchers reporting in the Turkish Digest of Parasitology have noted a positive correlation between Blastocystis infection and both gastrointestinal symptoms and urticaria.  The study reports, “Of the evaluated 37108 stool samples, 2573 (6.93 %) were identified to be positive for Blastocystis spp. The patients with gastrointestinal complaints comprised 68.4% of Blastocystis spp. positive samples (1.761 samples) while 30.1% of patients had dermatologic symptoms (urticaria) (776 samples). Blastocystis spp. density in the non-amplified (without using any stool concentration technique) stool samples of the patients with GIS and dermatological symptoms was as follows: 2.47%, 1.35% rare, 21.73%, 22.17% few, 49.65%, 54.29% medium, 26.27%, and 22.17% dense, respectively.”  The study was published in the December 2018 of the Turkish Digest of Parasitology.

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