Anti-Statin Drug Shows Promise Against Blastocystis in Mouse Model

Using a murine model of Blastocystis infection, an Egyptian research team has reported that the anti-cholesterol statin drug Atorvastatin  increases the efficacy of metronidazole in treatment of Blastocystis infection in a murine model.  The researchers report that, “Anti-Blastocystis efficacy of AVA was evaluated parasitologically, histopathologically and by transmission electron microscopy using MTZ (10 mg/kg) as a control. Therapeutic efficacy of AVA was apparently dose-dependent. Regimens of AVA (20 and 40 mg/kg) proved effective against Blastocystis infections with high reduction in Blastocystis shedding (93.4-97.9%) compared to MTZ (79.3%). The highest reductions (98.1% and 99.4%) were recorded in groups of combination treatments AVA 20-40 mg/kg and MTZ 10 mg/kg. Blastocystis was nearly eradicated by the 20th day post infection. Genotype analysis revealed that genotype I was most susceptible, genotype III was less. ”  The study was published in the Korean Journal of Parasitology.

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