Triple antibiotic therapy moderately successful in Blastocystis clearance, may provide some with symptomatic improvement

Researchers evaluating a triple-antibiotic therapy for treatment of Blastocystis infection report the results of a trial with 10 patients.  Blastocystis carriage was evaluated both by stool culture and RT-PCR Testing.  Of the 10 patients studied, 6 reported clearance at 6 weeks.  All patients (n=2) reporting dramatic clinical improvement (>4 points)  cleared the organism, and both were multiply infection with ST3 and ST4.  The remaining 4 patients who reported clearance had varying degrees of non-statistically significant improvement, while some of the patients who did not clear the organism also reported improvement.  A significant proportion of patients studied reported low IgA levels.  A full text of the study is available in Gut Pathogens.

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